In an overwhelmingly rich mangrove of media – screaming with information, content, advertising, entertainment, opinion, images, sounds, intelligence, research, breaking news, false-news, trends, rumors, and inviting noise – elements all competing for your attention and access to your consumer choices, Kiwai Media has launched a floating oasis of good things to read, compelling ideas, and inspiring voices from original people and places. American poet Robert Frost called this “a momentary stay against confusion.”

Kiwai Media believes in the value of the human voice – and the book that gives it volume. Books are our heritage. Shared. Social. Borrowed. The power of the imagination is our greatest talent. Our minds are our most powerful piece of adaptive technology. All media is a form of book. And the author is at the heart of authority.

At Kiwai Media we embrace the imagination in all forms. Great stories. Powerful memoirs. Exciting inventions. Value-based solutions to global – and local – challenges.

We picked the kiwai (pronounced KEE-WHY) as our symbol. It’s a delicious fruit, a beautiful flower, an obscure island and language group, and above all a hearty plant that possesses the adaptive power of being able to grow and thrive anywhere. Frozen, tropical, north, south, dry, humid… the kiwai, like our team, our clients, and our authors… are from everywhere. Human. Dynamic. Inspiring people. Unified by the quality of what they have to share.

Kiwai Media is a value-driven media and publishing company that connects innovative thinkers with concerned readers. Kiwai’s borders are the limits of what we set out to achieve.

The form, length, and distribution methods of each of our books and media campaigns, as well as the economic model for everything that we decide to tackle, are determined by the content, message, urgency, and end-goal of the project. The content and the author fuel our strategic choices of books, articles, blogs, native advertising, public spaces, speeches, events, or something totally different.

Kiwai’s evolving group of editors, designers, communicators, media strategists, analysts, and artists hail from Paris, Washington, DC, Bucharest, Boston, New York, Dakar, Bern, Monaco, Lagos, and Cape Town. And a lot of places in between. The Kiwai network is constantly growing. The only thing that we try to keep permanent is the quality of the Kiwai approach.

With a particularly keen – but not exclusive – eye on Africa, and other frontiers of opportunity and imagination, Kiwai Media is well suited to bring like-minded audiences, actors, investors, and concerned citizens to the same feast.

All art and commerce which contribute to the celebration is invited to the Kiwai table.

– David Applefield, Publisher