We develop and publish books by remarkable people – writers, leaders, and courageous individuals of all sorts – in business, culture, science, and community action. Sometimes the stories are ready to share; sometimes Kiwai helps find the voices and stories and give them shape and volume. Kiwai’s editorial and media experience enables authors to gain audiences and impact. Our production know-how allows for the right format and design for each type of work. Although we prefer shorter works, Kiwai publishes books of all lengths and genres and distributes them as ebooks, print-on-demand, and in other innovative platforms.


Our FICTION collection is called JAMES BALDWINS’ EYES, inspired by the intensity of feeling that those eyes convey. Our NON FICTION collection of works advancing a “spiral economy” and sustainably-designed planet, inspired by the work of William McDonough, is called WAGING PEACE. Our belief in an emerging Africa is celebrated in a ground-breaking collection by African thought-leaders called AFRICA. Our memoirs and remarkable first-person stories we call AUTHENTICITY. Our collection of books that show you HOW to get involved, HOW to do things and celebrate the HOW, is called, well, HOW. We believe in the poetry of being alive, and our selection of poems are served as a daily apèratif called POETRY BY THE GLASS.