Play your trump card

A trump card is “any valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage.” The global deck of public opinion has been re-shuffled; new cards are being dealt. Media is filled with talk of a new world order — and disorder. Disruption has become the new normal. Vertical and native advertising sits eye-to-eye at the same table as editorial.

Public opinion is our most potent currency.

You too have strong opinions, and you want them to matter. To command influence. To reach the right audience. But they need to be smart. And well-written. They need to be strategically placed, to cut through the noise, and meet the new standards for authenticity. Your opinions need to resonate in an age of supreme subjectivity.

The hard part is been getting published. Most op-eds won’t make it past discerning editors. Here’s your trump card: Kiwai Media has conceived the Op-Ad, a high-quality opinion piece with a guarantee to be printed. And when needed — a P2P crowdfunding solution to budget the op-ad publication and support a cause. Email for details or visit

Kiwai Media together with Moneymailme have conceived a crowdfunding solution to budget the publication in a high profile periodical.

You can download the Moneymailme app for free at: