– Executive Publisher

David is a seasoned communications specialist, editor, writer, and media strategist who has spent his career developing creative and innovative solutions for business leaders, heads of state, ministries, NGOs, and other not-for-profit foundations.

A highly experienced publisher, David is passionate about helping the world’s most innovative and driven individuals – especially those motivated by value-based causes – to make an impact by refining and amplifying their voices through books, journalism, native advertising, and other novel strategies.

Committed to combating ethnocentricity, Applefield has aligned Kiwai with designer William McDonough’s vision of “waging peace with commerce” – empowering people from cultures around the world to better themselves through business.

Since 1998, Applefield has worked for the Financial Times as its commercial Special Representative for Africa, the Middle East, and Emerging Markets, developing special reports on countries and themes including Investing in Nigeria, Mauritania, Senegal, Leading Business Women in Emerging Markets, African Farming, African Power, and Combating Malaria.

Originally from Boston, and a graduate of Amherst College and Northeastern University, Applefield has lived in France for decades, and works across Europe, North America, and Africa, where he has been advising and training leaders and media professionals for 20 years.