by Andreas Dudas

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This fable about a polar bear called Robin will lead you to a life of influence, new leadership qualities, and the power of sustainable confidence in your personal life, your work, and your pursuit of greatness. DARE is about YOU. Trust it!


Former Swiss Corporate executive Andreas Dudàs’ fable about a polar bear named Robin is really about what you are going through right now at work and at home – an inner journey to figure out how to find your own authenticity, feel empowered and remain true to your ideas and values, while remaining smart and strategic at your job and in your relationships. Presented with adversity the bear is challenged to face his demons, follow his intuition and grow in ways he never thought possible. DARE is designed as a thinly veiled fable for personalizing your path for growth in management, business, and leadership. After only a few pages, you’ll realize that the bear is none other than yourself. New found excellence is close by. The key is to realize your own authenticity. DARE, a master plan for living authentically, will surprise you — and give you the courage to take the risks that you have been thinking about for far too long.

I published DARE because I heard about a Swiss business executive who had given up a big salary because he no longer wished to work amidst both the hypocrisy of a corporate hierarchy that repressed creative thinking and the frustration of not being able to express the talent that lay within him. Dudàs impressed me with his singular message: allow yourself the right to align with your own authenticity. His simple fable about a polar bear, if you stop resisting its message, will ultimately give you the courage to make better decisions based on personal integrity. I decided to create a whole line of books on authenticity around the Dudàs message. — David Applefield, Publisher.