We love good advertising –ads that convey the value, the message, and the content that the client is passionate about sharing. Good ads respond to the legitimate needs of the reader, the viewer, the public, YOU! If the content of an ad helps you, you thank it. It’s a service. It’s a benefit. That’s the advertising that Kiwai creates, promotes, and encourages. An ad is only expensive when it does not pay for itself. The cost of a good ad which creates value should be seen as a blessing. Kiwai loves to invent, share, and place good ads in good places at good times for good reasons.
Although we can place ads in print and digital formats anywhere in the world, our preferred agency status with THE FINANCIAL TIMES, and particularly within our seasoned expertise in and with Africa, the Middle East, and emerging markets, enables us to stage quality advertising campaigns and single insertions with measurable results. Kiwai is expanding its innovative cross-platform and native solutions, and integrating them into its publishing and strategy businesses.